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Ken and Joyce Benedick (founders/owners)

Ken and Joyce started Great Plains Landscape and Design over 35 years ago. It began as a tree farm and design build business at their farm just outside Beloit. After a few years, they moved to their current location on HWY 14/Roosevelt Ave in Beloit where there is now a full garden nursery and design build business.


Ken graduated from K-State with a Bachelors in Horticulture and a Masters in Landscape Architecture. Joyce also graduated from K-State with a bachelors in Landscape Architecture. She is a licensed landscape architect in Kansas.


Jesse and Emily Benedick (the next generation)​

As the son of Ken and Joyce, Jesse has worked for Great Plains Landscape and Design off and on for the better parts of his life. He was basically raised there. While pursuing his Masters in Landscape Architecture at K-State, he had the oppurtunity to gain valuable design experiences while working in Kansas City. Following graduation, he moved back to Beloit to begin his journey as the next generation of Great Plains Landscape and Design.


Emily met Jesse while also pursuring her Masters in Landscape Architecture. Born and raised in St. Louis, she moved to Beloit after graduating from K-State and began working for Great Plains Landscape and Design. She had the oppurunity to gain valuable work experience in landscape architecture in St. Louis while going to school.


Our Vision

Great Plains Landscape and Design is committed to developing strong community relationships, providing a quality product at a reasonable price, and disseminating reliable information.


The core drivers leading Great Plains Landscape and Design’s success are self-motivation, experience and teamwork.

Updated April 17, 2019

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